Richard Lathrop

Richard LathropResearch Limnologist
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources


University of Wisconsin-Madison
Ph.D., Oceanography and Limnology, 1998

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
M.S., Natural Resources (Aquatic Ecology), 1975

Lehigh University
B.A., Biology, 1971

Research areas:

Aquatic Ecology, Limnology, Nutrient Fluxes, Lake Restoration

Selected Publications:

Lathrop, R.C. 2007. Perspectives on the eutrophication of the Yahara lakes. Lake and Reserv. Manage. 23:345-365.

Stedman, R.C., R.C. Lathrop, B. Clark, J. Ejsmont-Karabin, P. Kasprzak, K. Nielsen, D. Osgood, M. Powell, A.-M. Ventelä, K.E. Webster, and A. Zhukova. 2007. Perceived environmental quality and place attachment in North American and European temperate lake districts. Lake and Reserv. Manage. 23:330-344.

Carpenter, S.R., R.C. Lathrop, P. Nowak, E.M.Bennett, T. Reed, and P.A. Soranno. 2006. The ongoing experiment: restoration of Lake Mendota and its watershed, p. 236-256. In: J.J. Magnuson, T.K. Kratz, and B.J. Benson [eds.], Long-term dynamics of lakes in the landscape. Oxford University Press, New York.

Lathrop, R., K. Bradbury, B. Halverson, K. Potter, and D. Taylor. 2005. Groundwater, stream flow, and lake level responses to urbanization in the Yahara lakes basin. LakeLine 25:39-46.

Lathrop, R.C., B.M. Johnson, T.B. Johnson, M.T. Vogelsang, S.R. Carpenter, T.R. Hrabik, J.F. Kitchell, J.J. Magnuson, L.G. Rudstam, R.S. Stewart. 2002. Stocking piscivores to improve fishing and water clarity: a synthesis of the Lake Mendota biomanipulation project. Freshwat. Biol. 47:2410-2424.


Richard C. Lathrop is a lake researcher for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and is the Madison lakes field site manager for the North-Temperate Lakes Long-Term Ecological Research project conducted by the University of Wisconsin–Madison Center for Limnology. He also holds honorary UW appointments with the Center for Limnology and the Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies.

Dr. Lathrop's research interests include lake eutrophication, phosphorus dynamics, and watershed and in-lake practices to manage, restore and protect lakes. He has had a lead role with a wide variety of collaborative research projects and organizations:

  • EPA Nutrient Science STAR grant project on source and transport of bioavailable phosphorus in agricultural watersheds (Principle Investigator)
  • EPA Water and Watersheds STAR grant project on urbanization effects on groundwater and surface water systems (Co-Principle Investigator)
  • North Temperate Lakes, Long-Term Ecological Research project (Co-Investigator, Madison lakes field site manager)
  • Devil's Lake Restoration Project (Project manager and lead scientist)
  • North American Lake Management Society's International Symposia (Program Chair for 2 annual meetings)
  • Madison Commission on the Environment (Chair for 3 years)