Adapting to Wisconsin's Changing Climate

Science and Collaboration

By Carolyn Rumery Betz; edited by Steve Pomplun

Sunset on Door County
Unusual Partnerships Spawn Model Adaptation Effort
It might seem hard to find connections between Wisconsin scientists who study ice cover on lakes, migration patterns of birds, trout stream ecology, the physics of air currents or the health effects of Milwaukee's sewer overflows. However...More

Brook Trout Matt Mitro Photo
Critical Change in a Critical Fishery
Few Wisconsin wildlife species are more sensitive to changes in their environment than trout. They depend on a particular set of conditions to survive, including a narrow range of cold water temperatures. ...More

American Robin Bitta Heise Photo
Disturbing Nature's Sense of Time
The early bird gets the worm, and that bird is arriving earlier -- not by the clock but by the calendar. The American Robin, Wisconsin's state bird, arrives earlier in the spring -- 13-days earlier in 2010 than it did in 1990, according to scientists ...More

Trish Stevenson Betz Photo
Leopold's Legacy
One of the greatest legacies that Aldo Leopold left Wisconsin were the meticulous phenological records that he kept, tracking plants and wildlife on his farm in Sauk County, a tradition still followed by the family....More

Spring Green Flood Gotkowitz Photo
Coping with Extremes
Drought, heat waves, heavy rainfall and other extreme weather events are likely to become more common in Wisconsin's future, according to WICCI climate scientists. For example, they say southern Wisconsin will see ...More

CommunityWorkshop_LaCrosse Kefer Photo
Planning to Protect Community Assets
Climate change is a global phenomenon, but it poses a growing list of challenges at the local level. Helping municipalities adapt to climate change is the focus of WICCI's Community Adaptation Working Group ...More

Aldo Leopold Nature Center Photo
Adaptation in Education
The global scale of climate change, and the long time span over which it occurs, can make it a difficult topic for educators. But two Wisconsin environmental education centers are meeting the challenge ...More

Birkie Ski Race Walsh Photo
Losing the Cold Season
Ice fishing, skiing, snowmobiling and other outdoor activities help us enjoy ─ rather than endure ─ Wisconsin's long winters. ...More