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Climate change is a game-changing issue for Wisconsin’s forests, and we all have a stake in maintaining their health and sustainability.

The WICCI Forestry Working Group shares information about climate change impacts and adaptation across the forestry community. We help put information into action by helping foresters and land managers adapt and prepare for future change.

Forestry Resources

Get Involved!

The following people have helped develop the vision for the Forestry Working Group. It’s an open group, and we’re looking for more people to be involved!

  • Stephen Handler, USDA Forest Service
  • Matt Dallman, The Nature Conservancy
  • Jason Holmes, Bayfield County
  • Brad Hutnik, Wisconsin DNR
  • Linda Parker, USDA Forest Service
  • Kris Tiles, UW-Extension

We have a draft work plan for our work in 2017-2019 – take a look, send us comments and new ideas, or let us know how you’d like to help!

Review our accomplishments for 2015-2017.

Contact Stephen Handler with any questions, (906) 482-6303.

Forestry Roundtables

The WICCI Forestry Working Group held three roundtable discussions around the state in April 2016. Folks from across the forestry community had great discussions about their priorities and needs related to climate change. We’re going to use this information to steer our work going forward. If you’d like to get a summary of the roundtables or access any of the materials, please see the list of resources below:

Contact Stephen Handler with any questions, (906) 482-6303.

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