The Green Bay Working Group is identifying the stressors and vulnerabilities on the Green Bay ecosystem and how climate change may affect those vulnerabilities.


The Working Group is comprised of scientists from the Wisconsin DNR, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, UW-Milwaukee, and UW-Madison:

  • Bud Harris (UW-Green Bay) - Working Group Chair
  • Paul Baumgart (UWGB)
  • Nicole Clayton (DNR)
  • Ben Cruz-Uribe (UWGB)
  • Kevin Fermanich (UWGB)
  • Mike Grimm (The Nature Conservancy)
  • Vicky Harris (UWGB)
  • John Kennedy (Green Bay Metropolitan Sewage District)
  • Val Klump (UW-Milwaukee)
  • John Magnuson (UW-Madison)
  • Nicole Richmond (DNR)
  • Patrick Robinson (UW Extension)
  • David Rowe (DNR)
  • Paul Sager (UWGB)
  • Jack Sullivan (DNR)
  • Scott Thompson (The Nature Conservancy)
  • Robert Wenger (UWGB)
  • Paul Wozniak (Fox-Wolf Rivers Environmental History Project)


Please contact Bud Harris if you have any comments or concerns regarding the Green Bay Working Group or the effects of climate on Green Bay's people and habitats.