Sandra McLellan

Sandra McLellanAssociate Scientist
Great Lakes Water Institute


University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Ph.D., Environmental Health, 1998

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
B.S., Clinical Laboratory Sciences, 1990

Research areas:

Bacterial Genetics, Human Environmental Health, Waterborne Disease

Selected Publications:

McLellan SL, ET Hollis, MM Depas, M Van Dyke, J Harris, and CO Scopel. 2007. Distribution and fate of Escherichia coli in Lake Michigan following contamination with urban stormwater and combined sewer overflows. J Great Lakes Res. 33:566-580.

Olapade, O, ET Jensen, MM Depas, and SL McLellan. 2006. Microbial communities on Cladophora mats along the coastline of Lake Michigan. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 72:1932-38.

Jensen, ET and SL McLellan. Beach Closings: Scientific Studies and Public Perception. April 2005.


The major research focus of Sandra McLellan’s laboratory is to investigate the connections between environmental processes and human health. Waterborne disease is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Dr. McLellan and her colleagues have been working to expand science’s understanding of the population genetics and ecology of these organisms as they move through environmental reservoirs, particularly in freshwater systems such as the Great Lakes.

Her current research projects are investigating the fate and transport of pathogens in nearshore waters, as well as developing molecular tools to track pollution from sewage in rivers and at beaches. The overall goal of this research is to inform policy and devise management strategies for sustainability of urban coastal environments.