Members of the Science Advisory Board represent disciplines including natural resource, ecological and engineering sciences; climate science; social sciences; public health; and the agricultural sciences. The primary functions of the Science Advisory Board are to identify critical or emerging scientific questions related to the potential impacts of climate change in Wisconsin and oversee the development of Working Groups to assess those impacts on specific geographic areas, ecosystems or human activities.


Sharon Dunwoody
Journalism and Mass Communication, UW-Madison

Jim Hurley
Associate Professor and Director
Aquatic Sciences Center, UW-Madison

Science Advisory Board Members

Bill Bland
Professor of Soil Science
Department of Soil Science
Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
Agroecology Program, UW-Madison

Abigail Derby Lewis
Conservation Ecologist
The Field Museum

Anna Haines
Professor, Director of the Center for Land Use Education
College of Natural Resources
University of Wisconisn, Stevens Point

Carmen Hardin
Section Chief, Forest Management Sciences Section
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Division of Forestry

Bud Harris
Professor Emeritus
Department of Biology, UW-Green Bay

Tracey Holloway
Professor of Environmental Studies
Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment, UW-Madison

Jenny Kehl
Lynde B. Uihlein Endowed Chair, Director of the Center for Water Policy, Associate Professor
School of Freshwater Sciences
University of Wisconisn, Milwaukee

John Kutzbach
Professor Emeritus
Center for Climatic Research, UW-Madison

James LaGro, Jr.
Urban and Regional Planning, UW-Madison

Richard C. Lathrop
Honorary Associate/ Fellow
Center for Limnology, UW-Madison;
Limnologist (Retired), Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

John J. Magnuson
Professor Emeritus
Center for Limnology, UW-Madison

Jonathan Patz
Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment, UW-Madison

Jack Sullivan
Citizen Member

Kenneth Potter
Civil and Environmental Engineering, UW-Madison

Chris Swanston
Director of the Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science
USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station